Sky Is Arrows – Dragon Bracer Item Chest

The Sky Is Arrows – Dragon Bracer Item Chest DLC unlocks 6 completely new, unique, and groundbreaking items. The player can use these items to enhance their current playstyle or create new strategies. With item chests presenting a range of options, the thrill of uncovering rare treasures and optimizing their loadout becomes an integral part of the gameplay experience. There are 45 items total to find with this DLC unlocked, but some are extremely rare. This release accompanies a same day version 1.4 of Sky Is Arrows update which also contains vast improvements to the core game! Hopefully the player has a lucky run, or if not they can make it lucky by equipping the Lucky Pick!

Item art and descriptions for the items included in the Dragon Bracer Item Chest DLC:


Ammunition Cart

Accelerates the movement and attack speed of your siege units, empowering the destructive might of Golems, Turtles, and Treants.

Mobilize the siege engines and unleash devastation.


Dragon Bracer

Chance to summon a mighty Dragon, Thunderhawk, or Manticore ally after battle. Additionally may set enemies ablaze at the beginning of each encounter.

Unleash the fury of dragons and watch your foes burn.

Drone Skull Necklace

Amplify your hero’s growth by gaining experience from your diligent workers,
in addition to the wealth they bring.

Embrace the wisdom and wealth of the diligent.

Falcon Hood

Enhances the evasive maneuvers of your flying armies and airborne hero improving their chance to dodge.

Soar through the skies with unparalleled grace.

Lucky Pick

Increase the frequency of item chests appearing on the map, granting you more opportunities to acquire valuable loot. Additionally, it reduces the cost of purchasing items.

Fortune favors the bold. Seek your luck and reap the rewards.

Pocket Watch

Reduces how much the difficulty over time empowers your enemies.

Manipulate time’s grip.

The Dragon Bracer Item Chest DLC for Sky Is Arrows offers an array of enticing benefits for players. Unlocking this DLC grants access to 45 items, including rare and coveted treasures that can greatly enhance gameplay. From unleashing the destructive might of siege units to summoning powerful mythical allies, amplifying growth and wealth, and manipulating time itself, the DLC opens up a world of strategic possibilities. With each item chest providing a thrilling chance to acquire valuable loot and customize their playstyle, players can immerse themselves in an exhilarating journey through the world of Sky Is Arrows, where fortune and mastery await those who dare to seize it.

Welcome to Sky Is Arrows, a captivating and intricate fantasy world filled with heroes, epic battles, treacherous exploration, deadly traps, and the ever-looming threat of permanent death. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey where you must marshal your armies, safeguard your castle against relentless attackers, and embark on a quest to empower your hero to unimaginable heights. Will you have what it takes to vanquish all who stand in your path?

Immerse yourself in a realm brimming with dark secrets and enigmatic locales. Each Act of the game is designed to offer a unique and unpredictable experience, ensuring that no playthrough is ever the same. Venture forth, for beyond the shadows lie ancient graveyards, mysterious shrines, and an array of enticing item and gold chests awaiting your discovery.

As you progress, your hero will grow in strength and prowess. Strategically allocate skill points to enhance your hero’s attributes, shaping them into a formidable warrior capable of decimating hordes of foes. Alternatively, focus on honing a particular spell to unearth its true potential, unleashing devastating powers that will leave your enemies in awe.

Beware, for the world of Sky Is Arrows is relentless. The challenge steadily intensifies over time, and as you push forward, the game grows increasingly difficult. Strengthen your hero to face the ultimate showdown against the formidable final boss or risk succumbing to the overwhelming onslaught of enemy heroes and their augmented armies.

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