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Sky Is Arrows Version 1.4 is out now! (6.6.23)

Welcome to version 1.4 of Sky Is Arrows! We’ve made significant improvements and addressed various issues to enhance your gaming experience. This patch also comes alongside the same day release of Sky Is Arrows – Dragon Bracer Item Chest DLC which adds 6 new items. Here are the highlights:

Bug Fixes:

•   Fixed the item chest bug, ensuring all chests can be opened or will be empty as intended.

•   Fixed the problem with the ankh resurrecting the first spot in the army instead of the correct unit type when none of those units had died.

•   Improved the functionality of the back and forth buttons in the lore section by adding a global cooldown, preventing players from skipping to the end by rapidly pressing the buttons.

•   Fixed some text descriptions of units to fix typos in plural forms.

•   Fixed the bug where the hot pitch from castles could cause performance issues when battles ended.

•   Fixed the feasting particle effect from not despawning.

•   Fixed a bug where it was possible to battle enemies at your castle by teleporting there at the right moment and then entering battle.

•   Fixed the time display not showing hours.

•   Fixed the unit attributes DPS to use the correct time scale.

•   Fixed pressing Enter while editing your hero’s name to submit the name.

•   Fixed selecting units sometimes not displaying the correct name.

•   Fixed a bug of unit details menu cutting off the text and not displaying some abilities.

Gameplay, Features, and Balance Adjustments:

  • All heroes are now instantly unlocked and playable, giving players more freedom in their hero selection.

  • Reduced the speed of enemy attacking armies on the map to enhance player control and strategy.

  • Added 35+ all new unit portraits for each unit.

  • Added a backstory to the Sky Is Arrows universe that can be accessed from the main menu.

  • Added 15+ new portraits for the various castles and randomly generated castle names.

  • Added an embarking bonus that has several options from the character selection screen.

  • Defending your castle now grants a free ballista with an 8-second cooldown between bolts, providing additional defensive options.

  • Rebalanced the difficulty, with enemy armies and heroes now receiving a +20% health and +3% attack increase per act. This adds a more steady difficulty boost while still retaining the core difficulty over time mechanic.

  • Reduced the impact of enemy army boosts by removing direct improvements to damage and defense, and slight nerfs to their normal effects. Now enemy boosts are rebalanced to work separately but together with per act difficulty to increase the difficulty of enemies. More boosts over time, and more health and attack bonus % directly progressively while advancing acts.

  • Introduced the option to start on any random tileset in Act 1, allowing for a varied starting experience instead of always beginning on grassy plains.

  • Added a tooltip to display the actual number of units brought to battle compared to the total number in reserve when mousing over your armies. Also it is now shown directly on the button which shows the actual amount brought to battle first in parenthesis, followed by how many troops you have there including in reserve.

  • Eliminated the mechanics where enemy heroes took 50% decreased damage and had their maximum health halved. So your damage is not diminished, instead their health will be greater. Boosts also no longer add to their decreased damage in this way.

  • Introduced a tooltip in the top-right corner to display enemy difficulty details, including per act and over time enemy boost chances.

  • Custom unit portrait borders for each faction and heroes.

  • Per Act Quest that assigns a number of enemy armies on the map to be vanquished before the enemy castle can be sieged.
  • Custom hero introductions at the beginning of the game.
  • Reduced the gold in gold chests relative to their act and added diminishing returns in later acts, and implemented a diminishing return for worker income with high worker amounts.

  • Increased the availability of units per minute from your castle, allowing for a more diverse army composition. This applies when the relevant tier of your castle is unlocked.

  • Added to the amount of randomly generated names available for heroes, 170 total now.

  • Excluded siege units from being affected by certain abilities, including Steady Shot, Precision, Poisoned Weapons, Fiery Weapons, Demonic Strength, Freezing Weapons, and Multi-Shot.

  • Removed the direct damage increase for siege units from the damage over time effect.

  • Made changes to enemy castles on acts after the final act, removing the Demon Mask item and adjusting the experience boost of the enemy hero wearing it.

  • Lowered the damage and increased the delay for boss spells such as Meteor Spell and Lava Dart for a more strategic approach.

  • Modified the bonus gold received when advancing to the next act, now based on 500x the current act minus 1 instead of a fixed value of 1000.

  • Reduced the health regeneration rates of friendly and enemy Heroes. This creates less close to stalemate situations in battles, and encourages the player to return to their castle to heal up.

  • Reduced the speed granted by Drake Skin Boots to ensure better game balance.

  • Lowered the appearance chance of the Regular Axe item for better item diversity.

  • Reduced attack speed bonus or chance to proc on some items.

  • Mouse-over tooltip reworkings to be more descriptive.

  • Changed T2 boosts to being possible in act 4+ and possible for the enemy castle to be boosted on act 6+.
  • Many others …

Quality of Life Improvements:

•   Improved the crispness and formatting of text in the credits and version menu.

•   Added a new layer of terrain to maps for added depth and immersion.

•   Expanded the variety of terrain textures, introducing two additional options for each environment type, resulting in a total of 10 new textures.

•   Optimized the speed at which combat text disappears to improve readability.

•   Resolved the issue that caused incorrect item availability on certain maps.

•   Enhanced the tutorial slides with more detailed explanations to help new players learn the game mechanics.

•   Updated unit details menu to use 3 pages and updated layout.

•   Updated unit details menu to be more descriptive, added more flavor texts.


•   Adjustments to the attack speed minimums for better performance.

•   Implemented various performance updates to optimize the rendering of graphics, projectiles, particles, and crater effects, especially during intense moments. This allows for gameplay and damage to continue as normal while not rendering some particles, projectiles, or craters when normally it would lead to a crash.

•   Reduced the number of times certain abilities can trigger.

•   Reduced regular attacks being able to proc effects to every other attack (including the first.)

•   Updated the game to the latest Unity version for improved stability and performance.

•   Fixed the performance bug related to On Fire particle effects.

•   Updated the visuals of the Blessed by Wind particle effect.

•   Adjusted the particle effects emitters for the Raven Projectile.

•   Lowered emission of some other particle effects.

We hope you enjoy Patch 1.4 of Sky Is Arrows! These updates and fixes aim to enhance your gameplay experience and provide a more balanced and polished game. Be sure to check out Sky Is Arrows Dragon Bracer Item Chest which is a companion release to this patch and unlocks 6 new items. Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

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