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The Celestial Bow Item Chest has arrived! (July 11th 2023)

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with the Celestial Bow Item Chest for Sky Is Arrows! This DLC introduces 20 captivating new items that will revolutionize your gameplay experience. With each item carefully designed to enhance your hero’s abilities, you can forge your own path, adapt your playstyle, and unleash devastating strategies upon your enemies. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just starting your quest, the Celestial Bow Item Chest offers a treasure trove of possibilities to uncover. Open the chest, claim your destiny, and let the celestial power guide your arrows! 

Celestial Bow Item Chest is currently available for Windows.

Here are the new items in this exciting release:

Celestial Bow

Your forces’ ranged attacks have a chance to cause holy explosions.

A conduit between mortal and divine realms.

Amulet of Healing

Increases health regeneration of your hero. It also increases the effectiveness of healing skills and items.

Wear the amulet, let its healing aura envelop you, and become a beacon of rejuvenation and hope.

Banner of Inspiration

Adds +1 Morale, extends the duration of high morale, accelerates recovery from being stunned, and reduces the chance of experiencing fear.

They march forward, undeterred by fear, driven by hope.


Charm of Fortune

The Charm of Fortune adds +1 Luck and increasing your chances of acquiring more gold after battles. It also grants a chance to evade incoming critical hits and turn them into regular hits.

Transforming critical blows into mere bumps and bestowing a golden touch upon your loot.

Circling Orb of Wrath

On spell cast your hero has a chance to summon an orb of wrath which damages and sets on fire all enemies in its path.

Behold the wrathful dance of the celestial fire.

Glaive of Bloodlust

The Glaive of Bloodlust provides +1 Attack. And grants a life-stealing effect to your hero’s attacks while attacking other heroes.

Its serrated edge thirsts for battle, and with each swing, it paints the battlefield in crimson hues.

Glyph of Mana Annihilation

The Glyph of Mana Annihilation adds +1 Wisdom. It also grants a chance to mana burn enemy heroes when damaging them with spells.

Unleash your spells with precision, and leave your enemies spellbound and defenseless.

Golem Heartstone

Adds + 1 Defence and grants your forces damage reduction against regular attacks.
Forge an unbreakable bond with the ancient golems and become unstoppable.

Helm of Strength

The Helm of Strength adds + 1 Attack and + 1 Defence.

Your attack becomes a thunderous onslaught, and your defense an impenetrable fortress.

Orb of Arcane Devastation

Adds +1 Spell Power. Additionally your hero may conjure a free Arcane Bolt at nearby enemies when casting spells.

A whispering voice reverberates in your mind, urging you to unleash its hidden power.

Orb of Divination

Increases your hero’s critical hit chance and provides a chance to gain bonus experience points upon winning battles.

Peer into the future and claim victory before the battle even begins.

Phoenix Feather

Provides a chance to resurrect fallen troops during battle. Additionally, it increases fire damage and provides resistance against fire-based attacks.

Rise from the ashes, ignite your allies’ spirits, and scorch your enemies.

Ring of Elemental Resistance

Provides resistance against fire, poison, lightning, frozen, and rooted for your forces.

Unyielding against the forces of nature, your spirit remains untamed.

Shadow Pendant

Grants your forces the ability to enter a shadow form, increasing the chance of evading regular attacks for a duration.

Cloaked in darkness, your foes will question if you were ever there.

Souleater Blade

Your forces’ attacks have a chance to drain health from enemies and deal additional damage.

The Souleater Blade cuts through flesh and spirit alike, feeding on the life force of its prey.

Spellbreaker’s Blade

Adds + 1 Attack and + 1 Wisdom. It also grants your forces a chance to mana burn enemy heroes when they are attacked.

A weapon forged in defiance of magic’s tyranny. Let their spells shatter against your indomitable will.

Stormcaller’s Robe

Grants your hero the ability to call forth devastating storms after taking damage. The lightning storms electrify, damage, and slow enemies.

Woven from the essence of raging tempests, the robe crackles with electric energy.

Sword of Poison and Frost

Your forces’ attacks gain a chance to poison or freeze enemies.

An instrument of nature’s wrath, freezing foes in their tracks or poisoning them with a venomous touch.

Tome of Elemental Mastery

Adds +1 Spell Power. Additionally your hero may conjure a free Fireball or Frost Bolt at nearby enemies when casting spells.

An arcane relic coveted by mages and spellcasters.

Twisted Wand

The Twisted Wand adds + 1 Spell Power and + 1 Wisdom.

As you grasp its warped form, your spell power amplifies, and your wisdom grows.

Within the Celestial Bow Item Chest, a realm of limitless potential awaits. Purchasing this DLC unlocks 20 extraordinary items, each possessing its own unique attributes and abilities. From the mighty Glyph of Mana Annihilation, empowering your own mana while draining that of your adversaries. To the awe-inspiring Celestial Bow, granting your ranged attacks the power to cause holy explosions, the possibilities are endless.

Embrace the Golem Heartstone’s steadfast protection, the Orb of Divination’s foresight, and the Phoenix Feather’s fiery resurrection. Equip the Ring of Elemental Resistance and defy the forces of nature, or wield the mighty Souleater Blade, draining the life force of your enemies with every strike. And that’s just the beginning.

With each item, you venture deeper into a realm where storm-wielding robes, arcane mastery, and luck-bringing charms shape your fate. The Celestial Bow Item Chest DLC empowers you to bend reality, master the elements, and wield legendary artifacts with unmatched prowess.

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