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Sky Is Arrows Armory – Heroes

Welcome to the Sky Is Arrows Armory – Heroes page, where you can discover the courageous and formidable champions who will shape the destiny of the land. Within this epic conflict, you’ll have the opportunity to command heroes from three different factions: the Regiment, the Wyrm, and the Curator.

In the Regiment, you’ll find valiant defenders such as the Templar, a mounted knight wielding a mighty sword and tower shield. Their Holy Hammer spell strikes fear into the hearts of enemies. The Gargoyle, brought to life by ancient Regiment magic, boasts Stone Skin armor and is an unyielding guardian. The Archer, a master of precision, wields a bow with unrivaled skill and can unleash devastating abilities like Steady Shot, Quick Strike, and Snipe.

The Wyrm faction introduces powerful and fearsome creatures, including the Marauder, a lizard warrior mounted on a massive lizard. With a curved sword and the ability to perform Dark Rituals, they are a formidable force on the battlefield. The Lizardman, armed with Poisoned Weapons, hurls spears and uses the Spear Wall ability to hold back enemies. The Succubus, a seductive demoness, flings fiery swords and conjures a dangerous Fire Wall.

Lastly, the Curator faction showcases the magical prowess of the elves and other mystical beings. The Hunter, an elf in heavy armor, excels in ranged combat with glaives and possesses spells like Frost Bolt and Reinforce Armor. The Ranger, a female elf, specializes in rapid fire and unleashes nature’s fury with abilities like Vine Bolt. The Zypher, a female wind spirit, commands the power of the elements, casting spells like Blizzard and Blessed by Wind.

Choose your hero wisely as you embark on your quest in Sky Is Arrows. Each one brings unique abilities, strengths, and strategies to the battlefield, offering countless possibilities for victorious conquest or a resounding defeat. The fate of the land rests in your hands.

Regiment Templar Hero
Has unique skills: Skull Crack, Holy Hammer, Deflection Shield, Battle Cry, and Charge.

Regiment Archer Hero

Has unique skills: Poison Bolt, Steady Shot, Quick Strike, Bear Traps, and Snipe.

Regiment Gargoyle Hero

Has unique skills: Blinding Bolt, Empower, Rock Spikes, Stone Skin, and Transform.

Wyrm Marauder Hero

Has unique skills: Gut, Dark Ritual, Shadow Blade, Shadow Bolt, and Bloodlust.

Wyrm Lizardman Hero

Has unique skills: Lucky Shot, Precision, Spear Wall, Poisoned Weapons, Heavy Shots.

Wyrm Succubus Hero
Has unique skills: Fiery Weapons, Demonic Strength, Slow, Firewall, Possession.
Curator Hunter Hero
Has unique skills: Sunder Armor, Freezing Weapons, Reinforce Armor, Frost Bolt, and Exsanguinate.
Curator Ranger Hero
Has unique skills: Multi-Shot, Vine Bolt, Nature’s Blessing, Fog of War, and Charged Shot.
Curator Zypher Hero
Has unique skills: Frost Missile, Blessed by Wind, Frost Nova, Hurricane, and Blizzard.

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